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What I Do

Web Development

PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Laravel and C# are a few of my specialties. I’m also interested in AngularJS.


As a former research assistant at the University of Vienna my interest in research sparked and I learned a lot about the processes and steps in academical science.


I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in psychology with a specialization in cognition and neuropsychology at the University of Vienna.

Latest Posts

NightwatchJS – re-perform a client.execute() function on fail

A snippet to perform a certain action again, if it fails In my current job, I also write NightwatchJS tests in order to automatically run tests for a software. During development, our team realized that sometimes you cannot know whether or not an event handler has already attached to a certain dynamically created DOM object […]

How Easy Can You Fake Statistical Significance?

I have already written about p-hackingĀ and John Oliver explained how it’s done very well in his show (the video is embedded in my previous post about it). Statistical significance is – within the social siences – when you can be 95 % sure that your results are not produced purely randomly. But that isn’t something […]

Custom LengthAwarePaginator in Laravel

When using Laravel’s ->union() with its ->pagination() clause, you will get an SQL error. Here is how to resolve this issue with a custom LengthAwarePaginator instance without changing anything in your view.

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