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I am currently learning CasperJS but I wasn’t able to obtain a good IDE Helper for it. You can include the whole CasperJS distribution in your project folder and let it be indexed by your IDE, but it is only a semi-optimal approach.

I decided to write a small script that scrapes off the content of the official documentation and include the functions in a file so that I could get the autocompletion.

You can get the latest version on my Bitbucket account:

The IDE Helper utilizes variables as objects to trigger the autocompletion. There is one variable per module:

  • var casper – The casper module
  • var __utils__ – The clientutils module
  • var colorizer – The colorizer module
  • var mouse – The mouse module
  • var test – The tester module
  • var utils – The utils module

If you experience any issues, please use the issue tracker to notify me or comment below. The IDE Helper adheres to JSDoc and it should work in all major IDEs, I only tested it in Netbeans 8.1 though.

Please also note that the this keyword does not trigger the autocompletion yet, I’m not sure how to get that working. If you happen to know, please drop me a comment.

If all went well, it should look like this:casper-js

Happy coding!

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