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I would like to introduce my newest project, Lagorial aims to foster small businesses by giving them an easy way to go online.

In a nutshell, companies can create a free account (no limitations regarding the number of products) and create the products that they have in their local store. A user can then search through this inventory and find products that they can buy nearby rather than ordering them online and having to wait days for it to arrive.

Upon submitting all their products, businesses are immediately online. Users can then find the products they need in their direct vicinity and can compare prices right from the comfort of their homes. That way, small local businesses stay competitive with big online warehouses by being just as present.

The process is simple. Let’s start with the user.

The Lagorial User Search

You are about to look for a hammer near you, so you go to and type in your search term (hammer) and your location – or you can have yourself located just by clicking the green button.

Search in Lagorial
Search in Lagorial

Now, you get the results. As it happens, I sell (fictitious) hammers myself:

Lagorial Search
Lagorial Search

You get a pretty detailed overview of all products available to you in your vicinity. You can adjust your search settings anytime in the top row to specify anything you might need.

If you click on the product, you get a detailed view of where to buy the hammer, along with the detailed description as well as different pictures.

Lagorial Product View
Lagorial Product View

Notice the link “Show more of this vendor” at the bottom? Every company gets their very own page where you can scroll through their whole inventory. The URL for every company is very simply, which in this case would be That’s how easy it is for users to find products.

Let’s get to the company owners:

The Lagorial Company Sites

First, a new company will need to register with us for free (no hidden cost, account can be deleted anytime).

Register with Lagorial
Register with Lagorial

Welcome to Lagorial! You’ll see the Dashboard. As you can see, when you open the site for the first time we have prepared the necessary first steps for you. You can view them at any time on the dashboard by clicking on the red question mark button.

Lagorial Dashboard
Lagorial Dashboard

The very first thing you need to do is add your address. Without your address, we cannot pinpoint your location so you will not show up in the search results. To add your address, simply add them in the settings and hit the save button at the bottom of the page:

Lagorial Settings - Address
Lagorial Settings – Address

Now, go to your inventory and add a product:

Lagorial New Product
Lagorial New Product

Fill out all the necessary details and read the green boxes to ensure users will find you.

If you would like to add pictures to your product, click the “Add pictures” button and an area will appear where you can drag & drop your pictures:


If everything went smoothly, a check will appear over the image and it has been uploaded. You don’t need to mind the resolution of the image, it will be scaled appropriately.

What’s Ahead?

I continue to implement features to Lagorial and if you happen to have any ideas what it needs, just click the Feedback link in the user area and let me know what would be important. You can, of course, just drop me an email too.

Check it out anytime by registering at

PS: For my German speaking folks, Lagorial is also available in German. Simply select the German language via the “Language” button on the home page.

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